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If you enjoy volunteering or tutoring, and you want to work for a great company, contact us.


This is a great opportunity for students who need to obtain their 40 hours of community involvement activities, in order to receive an OSSD.  It is also a great opportunity for those who are looking for experience to enter the workforce.  Click on the link below, to submit your volunteer application.



Student Teachers

University or college students who are seeking to land experience facilitating and working with children, youth and/or adults can apply to do so with us.  Click on the link below.


We recognize how difficult it can be to get a suitable opportunity that will work with your academic schedule.  We will work with you to find the right opportunity, to further your experience and to achieve your academic goals.  



Educators/Community Partners

We are interested in providing education and educational services to all who are in need.​

If you are an educator or a community organization who would like to partner or collaborate on a project with us, click on the link below and let's discuss how we can make it happen.  'To achieve a community outcome, two or more is better than one'. ~ StrongMinds Education




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