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​StrongMinds Education understands the need to complement in-school learning, as well as the rise in competition to obtain entrance into a good post-secondary institution (See the article links below).  


We provide tutoring for all grades and levels, including post-secondary tutoring, at affordable rates. ~ The Global News ~ The Financial Post ~ The Globe and Mail

English As A Second Language (ESL) Tutoring

One-on-one tutoring specifically designed for English as a Second Language (ESL) students.  Sessions are conducted by an experienced ESL instructor.

Study Habits for Academic Success

Want to improve your study habits and gain effective skills to achieve academic success? 


StrongMinds Education provides effective study habits, strategies, and learning skills to combat poor study habits, which can contribute to poor grades and poor educational performance.

Vocational Assessment & Career Exploration (One-on-One)


Many students are unsure of what field interests them or what career they would enjoy.  


StrongMinds Education provides an opportunity to explore options in a one-on-one setting.  Whether it be through assessement and/or one-on-one coaching, we will work with you to assist with making the best academic and/or career choice.


Post-Secondary Preparation Program (Application Service is additional)

Thinking about going to college or university?  Feeling unsure, overwhelmed and/or curious about the experience?


StrongMinds Education offers post-secondary preparatory sessions & courses which helps to prepare individuals for the post-secondary experience.




Public Speaking for Youth, Teens & Young Adults

An 8-week public speaking Toastmasters program that helps with developing confidence and public speaking skills, specifically for youth and young adults.

English as a Second Language 

(ESL) Classes (All Levels)

Looking for quality English as a Second Language lessons that are affordable and within your budget? 


StrongMinds offers ESL lessons within a small group setting, at a reasonable cost.  Lessons are led by a trained and experienced English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor.

Vocational Assessment & Career Exploration (Small Group)


Some learn best in group settings, where they can benefit from a facilitator and from the stories and feedback of other participants. 


StrongMinds Education provides an opportunity for participants to explore their future aspirations in a small group setting which will assist with bringing clarity either for their academic and/or career decision.   


Educational Assessment
Academic Testing
SAT, SSAT, GMAT Preparation
Referrals:  Psychologist, Psychiatrist
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